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Re: European information society directive

Hello Rafal,

Maybe you will find this paper written by João Miguel Neves interesting:



On Wed, Jan 09, 2002 at 01:40:59PM +0100, Rafal Prochniak wrote:
> I am preparing a paper on lobbying for (and against) European directive on 
> the harmonisation of certain aspects of copyright and related rights in the 
> information society. I have a few questions - maybe not really specific but 
> I do not need legal analysis.
> 1. Was there any considerable lobbying effort from the providers/ users/ 
> programmers/ cryptographers? (Like savetheweb.org petition.) Was it 
> succesful?
> 2. What is your opinion on this law - will it hamper research or 
> development of the Internet? How? (Technological measures? Private digital 
> copying?)
> 3. Did you follow the drafting of this directive? Is the final version 
> better or worse than former ones? (Temporary copies/ caching?)
> Thanks
> Rafal Prochniak
> Directive is at: 
> http://europa.eu.int/smartapi/cgi/sga_doc?smartapi!celexapi!prod!CELEXnumdoc&lg=EN&numdoc=32001L0029&model=guichett
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