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Re: linking to GPL'd libraries WAS Re: One unclear point in the Vim license

lloyder@canada.com writes:

> This is something I am very interested in, but as of
> now, I am not well versed in the subject.  My 
> searching has found that this topic is well discussed,
> but not necessarily well described.  Is there any 
> legal precedence here?

It's a standard case of a derived work.

> Has the object brokerage environments or similar  
> technologies -- RPC even -- ability to get around the
> GPL been addressed in a meaningful proposal?

In general, something which is a subterfuge to get around a licensing
requirement, is disallowed by the courts.  But someone might be
sufficiently tricky, and then they would hurt us.  As a result, it is
distinctly *not* in the interests of the free software community to
try and dream up ways of getting around the GPL.  

If you think you have something specific in mind that might be a
problem, send it to RMS.

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