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Re: GPL version 1, and "Copyright (c) ...."

David Coe <davidc@debian.org> writes:

> So, I think I've convinced myself that oobr.rc just contains a partially-
> filled-in copyright template, and was probably released that way
> by mistake.  (The upstream author has not as yet answered my questions.)

That's as well as may be, but it's not intention that governs but the
actual license, which seems to be missing.

> Is that good enough to allow us to continue distributing that file, or
> should I go to the trouble of removing it (which is somewhat painful
> since it's been in our distribution this way for over two years)?

I'm not sure we should worry about history.  It's not too much trouble
to delete it from all future releases.  Give the upstream author a
chance first; how long has it been since you asked him about the file?

(And deleting it requires actually taking it out of the "unmodified"
.tar.gz; merely dropping it via patch won't be sufficient when it's a
legal question that's in doubt.)

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