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Re: wpoison, is it okay?

On Mon, Dec 17, 2001 at 01:35:48PM +0000, Sunnanvind wrote:
> > Like I said, I don't think this is what the copyright holder had in
> > mind.  I think he means that *if* you use the official logo in an HTML
> > document, *then* you must make that HTML document link the official
> > logo
> > image to the Wpoison home page.
> That's how I read it as well.

Er, no, that's not how you read it.  You conjectured just like I did.
The actual license text says nothing of the sort.

> Here, I disagree.
> This is a different situation since in the case of Zope, the button would 
> be forcibly placed; with your interpretation of how this license is 
> intended (as opposed to what it says - again, it has to be cleaned up), 

Look, a copyright holder can "intend" to put his work under the MIT
license, but if his actual license text consists of the GNU GPL, guess
while one is binding upon the users?

Where license text is DFSG-free, there usually isn't a problem, except
when the licensor's intentions are not.  Fortunately, this is common
only in software from the University of Washington.

Where license text is not DFSG-free, but the author's intentions are, it
is best to get the author to rewrite his license.

License texts are legal documents and anyone who takes it upon him- or
herself to write one needs to be damn careful about it.

> it's only if you include the logo on your page, and what would be the 
> reason to do that if you wouldn't link to the wpoison page?

People might have all sorts of reasons.  Maybe they'd want to point the
link to a rival, forked wpoison project.  Maybe they just don't like
image tags inside href's.

> This is a small requirement not much different from the new BSD-
> license's "always include this notice in the source code" requirement.

No, it's very different from the "always include this notice in the
source code" requirement.  It's more similar to the BSD advertising
clause which was retracted by the University of California.

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