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Re: Final Draft: Interpretive Guideline regarding DFSG clause 3

ichimunki <debian-legal-list-user@ichimunki.com> writes:

> So do I. That's one of my top reasons for using Debian in favor of other 
> Linux distros where hardware allows (there are other reasons to love Debian, 
> but this is a huge one). To that end, I'd like to see "main" only contain 
> truly free packages (including their documentation).

What about things that are not documentation, but which the
documentation licenses requires to be included too?  (Which is
actually the case we are talking about.)

What about licenses?

It's easy to say "I think it should apply to *everything*", but
actually nobody thinks it should apply to *everything*, so the
question is: what counts as a reasonable exception?

Some think only licenses.  Some think also required advertising
texts.  Other people think reasonably small non-technical commentary.  

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