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Definition of secondary sections, again.

   A "Secondary Section" is a named appendix or a front-matter
   section of the Document that deals exclusively with the
   relationship of the publishers or authors of the Document to the
   Document's overall subject (or to related matters) and contains
   nothing that could fall directly within that overall subject.[...]

Personally, I don't mind that - regardless of amount.

I can't stick my 1000-page Great Lesbian Post-American Novel in there 
(well, if it were non-variant I couldn't), but I can write 
about "Why I wrote this manual" or give thanks and dedications to dear 

Being able to drop them would be good (I agree with RMS when he says that 
a hyperlink is often adequate and I would like to add that quoting large 
sections of text all over the place gets tired real fast. How many times 
do you want those emacs keybindings to be repeated already? - But, on the 
other hand; the more freedom the better, so if I'd ever write invariant 
sections, I'd probably make 'em "droppable").

On the third hand, I don't mind using stuff from non-free from time to 
time if it's free enough 'for me'. (E.g, I wouldn't use Netscape but I 
might use the Emacs manual, even if it lived in non-Free.) Which means 
that any limit (bytecount or proportional) Branden or anyone else would 
propose, /even zero/, would be perfectly 
acceptable to me personally. (Though, I'm not the emacs maintainers. They 
might think otherwise.)

Conclusion: I agree with and second the final draft; and I would agree 
with more permissive guideline as well.

Wishing everyone had an enjoyable afflux last week (or whenever),

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