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Re: REVISED PROPOSAL regarding DFSG 3 and 4, licenses, and modifiab le text

On  4 Dec, Walter Landry wrote:

> I've already voted for this.  I think that Invariant text is an
> abomination.  It is unfortunate that the GNU manuals may be booted
> into non-free, but that is what happens when you forcefully interject
> political commentary into technical documentation.

Right on!  Between this and Henning's comments on the content of the
invariant sections, I think it is important to notice that the GFDL, if
used "properly", *insists* that the invariant sections be off-topic,
and therefore a distraction and a waste of disk space (paper in the
case where the documentation is printed) *at best*, so that the absolute
very best thing you can get out of an invariant section is a
distraction, an off-topic tangent, something that lowers the overall
quality of the work.  Even though I happen to agree with some of the
political commentary in the GNU technical documentation, it remains
political commentary and therefore off-topic in technical documentation.

Stephen Ryan
not a DD but I hope to be one someday when I grow up

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