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Re: How about a new section "[partially free]"?

Hi, Branden!

On Sunday, 2. December 2001 06:26, Branden Robinson wrote:
> In my opinion, "Non-Abhorrent Non-Free Software" is a cause
> best undertaken by a project other than Debian.

I did not mean that there is any non-abhorrent non-free software.

As I understand it, a package that makes it into [main] complies 
to all points of the DFSG. However, your proposal will allow 
packages that don't fully comply the DFSG to enter [main], if 
the violation is not too grave. I consider this inconsistent.

So, as there are cases that fail the DFSG, but which are also 
too valuable to be put into [non-free], why should they not get 
a seperate, new category?


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