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Re: PROPOSED: interpretive guidelines regarding DFSG 3, modifiability, and invariant text

Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org> writes:

> [1] I think it's interesting that RMS and I have complementary paranoid
> fears.  He is afraid that Debian package maintainers will not be
> reasonable, and molest the "modifiable" version of Invariant texts, and
> I'm afraid that GNU FDL licensors will be unreasonable and pile tons of
> Invariant crap onto their manuals that any sane person would want to
> excise.

I think he's not so directly worried about Debian, as he is about
other people who manifestly are hostile to free software; those other
people are who he is concerned about, but he can't allow Debian to
have so special privilege that other folks don't have.

I think that's a reasonable thing to worry about.

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