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Re: PROPOSED: interpretive guidelines regarding DFSG 3, modifiability, and invariant text

    I don't see why.  It is pretty obvious to me that the existing DFSG
    provides no exceptions to clause 3.  The work must be modifiable and
    modified versions must be redistributable under the same license as the
    original.  Period.  It doesn't say "except for the license text itself".
    That is a de facto exception that Debian has made in the past.  As far
    as I know, we have made no others, except by accident.

GNU Emacs comes with some auxiliary material (non-technical articles)
that does not allow modification.  I think that should be ok
because they are non-technical.

On the other hand, there are some LDP HOWTOs which have restrictive
license.  Since they really are technical documentation, that is a
real problem.

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