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Re: GFDL is a DFSG-compliant license

On Sat, Nov 17, 2001 at 10:01:22PM -0800, Bruce Perens wrote:
> I've just heard today that there are people on this list who believe that the
> GFDL is not DFSG-compliant. The GFDL text very clearly specifies that the
> invariant sections must be "Secondary" in nature, and then goes on to define
> secondary sections as follows:
> If this makes the GFDL non-DFSG-compatible, then no license that requires
> that license text, attribution or copyright notices be invariant is
> DFSG-compliant: which is just about every one of them - even the MIT or BSD
> license requires that. This is taking the definition to the point of absurdity.


It would apparently surprise you to learn that this has already occurred
to people.  Consider reading the thread sometime.

> The GFDL is a DFSG-compliant license.

Yes, but not everything licensed under it may be DFSG-free.

I've got to go on a business trip this week, but when I get back I'll
resume talking to RMS (and anyone else who's interested) to try and come
up with some reasonable interpretive guidelines for Debian that keeps
out abuse of the GNU FDL's Invariant Texts without cutting too broad a
swath and excluding legitimate material (like the GNU Manuals).

In the meantime, please stop doing your impression of Moses, and
familiarize yourself with a discussion before storming in and uttering
decrees which don't even go to the real point of contention.  Frankly,
it reminds me of another well-known personage in this community (well,
okay, sorry -- the "Open Source" community), and I know you can do
better than that.

I invite you to subscribe to the debian-legal mailing list and
participate, if you'd like.


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branden@debian.org                 |    do than in what we are free not to
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