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Re: Licence question

On Thu, 8 Nov 2001, Martin Schulze wrote:

>Maximilian Reiss wrote:
>> I intend to package the liquid kde theme by mosfet. 
>> (www.mosfet.org/liquid.html).
>> The Licence problem is, that this theme is under qpl, but is linked against 
>> kdelibs (gpl). I was told that this is a problem. Is there any chance to get 
>> it into debian?
>Wasn't the QPL vs. GPL thing resolved nowardays?

IIRC, it was solved by putting the relevant portions under GPL more than 
anything else.

>> I heard there is a way if I ask the copyright owner of the gpl software if it 
>> is ok to link it. Is this right?
>Get him to write it into his license.
>	Joey


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