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Congratulations on Jikes-RVM 2.0 - questions about licensing.

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Sorry for the x-post but I think this is relevant to everyone included.


For starters I would like to congratulate IBM and the RVM team on your recent
RVM 2.0 release (and published white-papers).  This is definitely a great
contribution to the Java and Open Source communities!

Unfortunately, I have issues with the current RVM licensing terms.

Specifically the licensing of the JLibrary package.


This is a very restrictive license and I don't understand why it was chosen as
it seems to go against the Open Source nature of the RVM.

This prohibits innovative use of the RVM code.  Specifically integration with
GNU Classpath, distribution with Debian GNU/Linux, etc.

Is there anyone at IBM we can talk with about changing the terms of the JLibrary
package to an Open Source license?  If the problem is a reliance on proprietary
code (AKA SUNs code), I would suggest that a sub-project be started to integrate
the code from GNU Classpath which should be able to replace the JLibrary code.

Again.  Congrats.  I am very excited about the RVM release as I think that the
lack of a quality (stable) Open Source JVM is hurting both the Java and Open
Source communities.



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