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Re: xfig-doc has license problems in examples

Branden Robinson wrote:

> What part of "Free Software" don't you understand?
> If we distribute it, it's software.
> If it's not software (or willing to be treated as such), it's not our
> mission to distribute it.

Oh give me a break.  Where was this argument in the past when we
discussed documentation licenses?  This is _not_ the first time
this has come up.

I guess these are all software then:

 debian-guide - Text from: Debian GNU/Linux: Guide to Installation and Usage
 dwarfs-debian-guide - Dwarf's guide to installing and using Debian GNU/Linux
 lg-issue66 - Issue 66 of the Linux Gazette.
 xspecs - X protocol, extension, and library technical specifications
 zope-book - Zope Open Content Book

How about all the -doc packages?

If you say they are software, then, gee, they must be software.

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