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Re: Licence for free ttf fonts - open source enough?

>> The main fear with artists is that they won't be given credit for their
>> work, i think.
> I'm not sure that being free or not will make any difference. Virtually
> every free license demands credit, at least in fact that your name may
> not be removed.
>> Third, his additions did not fit to my style at all, broke the rythm,
>> the symmetries etc.
> I think this is a big concern of a lot of font makes, which is part of the
> reason they don't have free licenses.

The problem is that it is hard to associate a name to a font.  In Debian we
have the copyright file, but elsewhere there is no such requirement.  This is
why digital artworks often have the name signed in a way that makes removing it
likely to mar the art as well as watermarking.

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