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Re: Blackdown Java 2 copyright (j2sdk, j2se)

>>>>> "MS" == Marc Sherman <msherman@projectile.ca> writes:

    MS> From: Stephen Zander
    >> Yes, Blackdown does have permission to redistribute j2se.  The
    >> copyright file includes the additional terms that apply to
    >> Backdown mirrors and Linux distributions (including Debian).
    >> Is there anything in those terms that is unclear?

    MS> Blackdown is not Debian.  Unless Debian has permission to
    MS> redistribute, it cannot go in non-free.

    MS> - Marc

> 511$ more /usr/doc/j2sdk1.3/LICENSE 
> NOTE: In addition to the licensing terms given below redistribution
> from Blackdown and Debian online archives is permitted.
>                           Sun Microsystems, Inc.
>                        Binary Code License Agreement

Assuming that the above is indeed the real license, and not someone's
wishful thinking, it seems to be covered.  I would've been happier if
it hadn't looked like it was arbitrarily tacked on the top, but...

(version of j2sdk1.3 is 1.3.1-1).


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