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junkbuster imagelist

junkbuster ( 2.0.2-0.1 from testing ) seems to have a licence problem in
/etc/junkbuster/imagelist, which is used to determine which blocked pages
that are in fact images, and should be replaced by an empty image.

The rest of Junkbuster is GPL, but this file starts with

# This is /etc/junkbuster/imagelist which was put here by a junkbuster rpm
# Last modified on Sat Feb 12 19:46:28 2000 (CEST)
# Newest version is always available from
#          http://www.waldherr.org/imagelist
# Read http://www.waldherr.org/junkbuster/update.shtml on how to keep
# this file up-to-date.
# This list is Copyright (c) Stefan Waldherr.
# No distribution of this list without acknowledgement of the author(s).
# No selling of thist list without prior written agreement.
# Comments: Stefan Waldherr <stefan@waldherr.org>

This is too restrictive even for non-free!? However, this file is small,
so it is easy to write a replacement (without looking at the original).

I have not filed a bug yet.

/Per Eric
Uppsala, Sweden
^): Per Eric Rosén http://rosnix.nu/~per/
/   per@rosnix.nu  GPG 7A7A BD68 ADC0 01E1 F560 79FD 33D1 1EC3 1EBB 7311

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