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Re: Selling CDs...


IANAL either (are there any on this list? :P) but I know there's people left
right and centre selling binary only CDs and not running into trouble. For
example down here we have at least http://www.everythinglinux.com.au and
http://www.lsl.com.au but I'm sure there's others. They'll sell you burnt
cds within day(s) of release and then follow up with pressed cds days/weeks
thereafter. As for keeping the source... it's hardly a huge expense but I
doubt you need to... packages aren't going away and even if they did I'm
sure we'd all be happy to dig them up if someone ever tried to sue you.

As for selling only the first cd, yes, PLEASE do eet. By having 3 cd's (and
more in the not too distant future no doubt and/or a dvd) we're pretty much
triple the price of the other distros, and if (like me) you just use the cd
for an easy install so you can immediately apt-get dist-upgrade to unstable
then you have absolutely no use for the other 2(+). If only we could rename
the CDs so it is clear you only *need* the first one (ie debian-base and
debian-extra or some such thing)... I guess we'll have to one day.

 - samj

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> Hi
> When I understand the stuff on http://cdimages.debian.org
> correctly, Debian suggests to sell also incomplete sets of the
> official CDs, e.g. only Binary-1. If it is really possible to
> sell Binary-only-CDs, how does it relate to the GPL??? And does
> this rule only apply to the official CDs or also to e.g. a
> developer snapshot of woody?
> Bye,
> Thomas
>  }:o{#
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