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Re: Trimaran licence

> Trimaran (www.trimaran.org) is a compiler infrastructure for research,
> and it looks quite interesting.
> It is clearly not DFSG-free, because the licence gives permission "for
> academic, research and internal business purposes only". Also it is
> GPL-incompatible, of course. However, in other respects it seems all
> right: you can redistribute modified versions, there are no special
> rights for the originator, and the licence cannot be arbitrarily
> terminated.
> There are some silly things in the licence, but I don't think they are
> real restrictions. For example, apparently you can't charge for the
> media when redistributing copies, and any contributor "represents"
> that their contribution "does not violate ... the laws of any other
> jurisdiction" ... like most programmers have time to study Ruritanian
> law.
> To download the software from www.trimaran.org you have to register
> first, but I can't see anything that stops other people from
> redistributing it anonymously.
> Would it be all right for non-free?
> Edmund

What an incredibly annoying license.  It should be fine for non-free,
but be careful when you're packaging it.  You might violate a patent
on hyper-linking or some such nonsense while making changes needed for
packaging, in which case you couldn't distribute it.

Walter Landry

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