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Re: Free way to decompress LZW archives?

John Galt <galt@inconnu.isu.edu> immo vero scripsit

> Debian needs permission to modify as well.  There has been a substantial
> non-interest in .LZW decompressors since the Unisys thing in '94, so I
> doubt that lha would be put in main 

Please tell me what a .LZW decompressor is.
I thought gunzip could decompress such thing which 
was generated by "compress" command.

However my impression is that lha compresses using a combination of the LZSS
and Huffman encoding, which I believe is not LZW.

However, reading the source code gives me an impression that 
they might be doing something similar to LZW, but I am no longer quite 
sure of details.


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