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Public Domain

Hi *,
mdk, module devel. kit, is a tool for libgocr module creation.
I made a ITP for both.

The problem is in the README attached. It is the only reference in the
tarball that recall a use license (libgocr is LGPL).

AFAIK Public Domain is a 'class' of licenses, not a license.
Should I mail upstream author asking him to public mdk with a more 
specific license? (I think so...)


Probably it is a trivial question, but solve my ignorace, please :)


PS: Please Cc: me, I read debian-legal only via nntp gateway.
Cosimo Alfarano <alfarano at students.cs.unibo.it> - Kame Alfa on UseNet|IRC
  Undergraduate Student in Computer Science  @  Bologna University [Italy] 
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This is the Module Development Kit for GOCR, created by Bruno Barberi Gnecco.
This Module Development Kit is under Public Domain.

It's the skeleton with all the tools needed to compile your code into a module,
that can be opened later by GOCR. It includes all stuff needed by autoconf and
automake tools, and libtool. 

To know how to use it, take a look at the doc-mdk/ subdirectory.

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