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Re: Licence compatibility with GPL

> Hi,
> would a licence like this be, in spirit, compatible with the GPL ?
>    Program must keep, through its entire life, the name of the
>    original author and the program name.
>    All modified versions of Program X.Y must be named Program X.Y.Z,
>    where Z is at your option.

These two are the real zinger's.  If I take some subroutines and put
them into my code, it sounds like I suddenly have to name my program
Program X.Y.Z.

>    Inclusion of the Program in another Program must leave the Program
>    Name accessible through the user interface (e.g. in credits).

This might be incompatible, since it is similar to but not quite the
same as what is in the GPL.  It is not really worth worrying about,
since the first two clauses are the real damning ones.

>    Otherwise, GPL licence.
> I have the impression this licence isn't GPL-compatible, and that it has
> very bad defects, any hints ?
> thanks :)

Walter Landry

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