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Re: Group Copyright

Joseph Carter <knghtbrd@d2dc.net>:

> > 3) list two or three primary contacts (the Berne riff kind of means that
> > all thirty still have standing to sue).
> Don't you still have to notify everyone?  What if some people cannot be
> contacted?  Must notice be served in any particular manner or does an
> email count?  (This is what worries me in the first place..)

Are you worrying that it might be necessary to contact all the
copyright holders in order to sue?

I'd be surprised if the law had such a giant hole in it. A book could
be written by two people, one of whom dies and whose heir cannot be
located? Would that mean the book is then effectively in the public
domain and the other author cannot sue people who reprint it without
permission? I doubt it.

I would obtain positive confirmation that the law of some relevant
country has this loophole before looking for elaborate ways of
preventing people from exploiting it.


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