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Re: Opinion needed - included component w/o licensing doc

This is a followup to a previous message I
sent to this list.

I sent a request to the 10-year-old address
of the person who uploaded the program,
"ccount", to USENet and received the response

Is this sufficient to include "ccount" in the
"metrics" package?  If not, what would
be?  If it is sufficient, should this letter
be included in the COPYRIGHT file?

Thanks again,


----- Original Message -----
From: "Shane Hartman" <shaneh@texoma.com>
To: "'Greg Wiley'" <greg@orthogony.com>; <ksh@ai.mit.edu>
Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2001 11:44 PM
Subject: RE: looking for author of ccount

> If memory serves me correctly, I obtained fragments of a non-working
> which I substantially rewrote into a working program.  If that makes me
> author, then you have my permission to do as you wish with the program.  I
> am amazed it is still in use.
> Shane Hartman (shane@ai.mit.edu)
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Greg Wiley [mailto:greg@orthogony.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, July 10, 2001 5:40 PM
> To: ksh@ai.mit.edu
> Subject: looking for author of ccount
> Good day, Mr. Hartman-
> I have recently taken on the task of maintaining
> the "metrics" package for the Debian GNU/Linux.
> This package contains a program called 'ccount'
> that counts lines of code according to SPR rules.
> Unfortunately, the only documentation I have is
> a message from you uploading this program to
> comp.software-eng 10 years or so ago.
> In order to continue this program's inclusion in
> Debian, I need to contact the original author and
> obtain permission.
> So, are you, or do you know the original author
> of this program or have any documentation that
> puts this software into the public domain or
> releases it under some license?
> Thank you for your time and attention.
> Best,
> Greg Wiley
> P.S. Since the address to which I am mailing
> this comes from a 10-year-old USENet post, I
> don't have much hope that the owner of this
> address is, indeed, Mr. Hartman.  If the re-
> cipient of this message has any knowledge of
> how to reach Mr. Hartman, please sent such
> information to me at greg@orthogony.com .
> TIA -=greg

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