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Re: PBS License

John Galt <galt@inconnu.isu.edu> writes:

> This solves one of my problems.  The second is more thorny.
> It seems that the PBS license has the choice of law clause for Virginia, a
> UCTIA state.  In the past, this was enough to make a license questionable.
> Is it enough reason to make it non-free on it's own?  Remember, the choice
> of law thing actually makes a weird sort of sense, as it IS a click-wrap
> license, and UCTIA gives a click-wrap the force of law.

What's the "this" you are referring to?  That it has a choice of law
clause, or that the clause refers to a UCTIA state?

We don't like choice of law clauses, but there's no reason that they
make something non-free.


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