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Re: Opinion needed - included component w/o licensing doc

> The package, metrics, contains a collection
> of small programs.  One program was released
> by it's author under the GPL, one group of
> programs was released into the public domain.
> Two programs, lc and ccount, however, have
> no supporting license or copyright documentation.
> In the case of ccount, the original author's
> email address (10 years old) is available and
> I will attempt to contact--but do not expect
> much success.
> Without evidence of any license for these
> programs, I think I must assume that any use is
> contrary to the authors' interests and that
> including these programs in the package makes
> it non-free.

Unfortunately, if Debian doesn't have any permissions, it can't
even go in non-free.

Walter Landry

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