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Re: GPL/LGPL confusion

On Sun, 1 Jul 2001, Ben Burton wrote:

> 1. Can I package an LGPL library foo that links with a GPL library
> bar?

Only if the GPL library is not required for basic operation of the LGPL
library.  This might be because there are non-GPL versions of the GPL
library with looser licenses, or because the GPL library only provides
optional features.  Otherwise the LGPL library needs to be under the
regular GPL.  Just because something is a library, doesn't mean you can
put it under the LGPL when it would otherwise have to be full GPL.

If the two libraries just happen to be together, and the LGPL library will
use the GPL library only if it is available, then programs that use only
the LGPL library are not affected.

> 2. If so, is it appropriate to put a notice in the copyright file for
> foo that this library links with a GPL library and thus any software
> that links with foo must be GPL-compatible?

In general you should not need to do this.  Either the library depends on
the GPL library (in which case it has to be full GPL) or it does not (in
which case it does not matter).

I suppose if you had an application program that required the optional
GPL-only features from the GPL library, but accessed them through the
otherwise LGPL library, that would probably require it to be GPL also.

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