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Re: Tshirt design legal issues

> Hi there,
> I've created a t-shirt design and i'd like to know if it's legal to
> distribute this freely on the net for all diy'ers out there.
> If it's not legal i'll pull it off immediately.
> But if it's okay i'd like a disclaimer for people who will use the
> images to make money (eg use them for commercial purposes) 
> so that they'll send 1 US dollar per shirt to the Debian initiative. 
> It the disclaimer i've put on the site sufficiant? If not i could use
> some help here.
> The text for the back of the shirt is 'apt-get into it' which is from a
> banner made by someone at linux.com (found on the banner part of
> debian.org)
> Thanks for all your time and keep up the good n cool work.
> Yours,
> 	Ferdinand Hagethorn

The Debian swirl is covered by the Debian Open Use License, so the
front is fine.  The license for the linux.com image (which you
modified slightly and looks nice, if I may interject that) says that
they may be used for community ads on web pages.  It doesn't say that
you can do anything else.  It might be covered by the Debian Open Usse
License, but it certainly isn't clear.  So, technically, you can't put
it on a shirt.  This is probably just an oversight.  In reality, I
doubt anyone cares, but you should talk to the web site maintainers.
The appropriate place to start is probably
debian-www@lists.debian.org.  They would have a better idea of where
that logo came from.

I know that this is a pain, but the license for the logo should
probably be fixed.

Walter Landry

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