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Re: Microcode license [#3]

Giacomo Catenazzi <cate@math.ethz.ch> writes:

> 1) Do this license allow us and the mirrors to distribute the
> microcode?

I don't believe so.

> 3) Intel calls microcode "data file" (see the email from
> Intel).
>    Thus no software, no restriction in GPL and DFSG (like
> strictly copyright
>    for distribute a license) (and microcode is similar: you
> can distribute,
>    but not modify).
>    Thus we can use the "mere aggregation" and put it together
> the
>    microcode loader into the main section ?

Nonsense.  It is not a data file, it is a program.  The GPL doesn't
contain any exemption for data files anyhow.  It says that you have to
distribute things in the preferred form for modification, and you have
to grant certain rights, and those requirements apply whether or not
you call it a "data file".

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