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Re: three send back changes clauses

>>Also, the court specifically said that "best effort"=="act in good
>>faith".  I don't see how you say that someone who uses the software
>>but has no intention of ever contributing back changes (because their
>>boss told them not to) is acting in good faith.  The software should
>>still not go in main.
>Fine, whatever, file the damn bugs against scheme <=7.4 then.  Option C
>was clause 2 of the scheme license.

On debian, I could only find mit-scheme version 7.5.  That release is
under the GPL, so there is no need for a bug report.

In any case, it would be useful to have a consensus on debian-legal
about this issue.  Do you agree that the license makes it non-free, or
are you just tired of arguing?

Walter Landry

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