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Re: USA crypto rules and libssl-dependent packages

On Sat, May 12, 2001 at 09:52:48PM -0400, Jimmy Kaplowitz wrote:
> Thank you all very much for replying. I am torn between three avenues that I am
> considering taking.
> Choice 3: Just change the main althea package to include ssl support, and add
> to the package description and README.Debian notification to that effect, with
> instructions on how to get a non-SSL version built. This would be simpler for
> me, but less convenient for users, who would have to build a non-SSL version
> for each new release. To alleviate this difficulty, I could offer to build a
> non-SSL package (a la Choice 1 or 2) if I got enough demand for it. Also,
> though, any users who already have the non-crypto version of althea installed
> and who do a blind dist-upgrade will install libssl by mistake, which could be
> illegal in some locales.
> I do intend to send BXA notification to enable me to upload to non-US despite
> my residence within the US.
> What do you all think? What should I do?

Choice 3 is best. People who live in countries where the use of cryptography
is restricted are probably subject to being arbitrarily jailed or murdered
by their state's government anyway. Going out of your way to provide
crippled crypto-neutered versions of things only validates such sillyness.

Brian Ristuccia

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