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Re: request


 I understand and agree, to a certain extent, with your positions.
 In fact, I did *not* ask to get rid of a valuable media, as mailing
 lists are. You keep missing the point.

 I used the word ``friendship'' in the same sense as the GNU project
 has been using it; it is not a ``personal'' relation, although it may
 be so. When I joined this community about ten years ago, when many of
 you were perhaps not even around, there was no doubt that emails were
 a point-to-point communication with a very restricted number of
 people, and no archiving was involved at all. Things have now a
 different shape, and it is important to both understand this new
 phenomenon, to respect the laws, and to respect each other.
 (Incidentally, messages like those of Branden Robinson are false,
 are certainly not beneficial, and trigger a stiff communication;
 but this ultimately reflects on him.)

 I believe it is important that we act as mature people, as we are,
 and that if a problem is raised, then this problem is understood and
 solved with mutual satisfaction.


 By law, there must be a legal agreement between the author and the
 publisher. If no such explicit agreement exists, then the author is
 still the owner of the copy-rights, and can decide what to do with
 that material, at any time.

 By posting to a mailing list, the author is exerting his right to
 publish, and he/she is the publisher in that very moment. The post is
 addressed to those people in the list *only*, and re-posting is, in
 principle, not legal.

 By implementing an archiving policy, Debian is a publisher.

 No legal agreement exists between me and Debian.
 I do not want Debian to archive my messages.
 Please erase my messages from the Debian archives.

 Please also make explicit the policy with Debian mailing lists, and
 ensure that its subscribers are notified and agree with it.

 Best regards.

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