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Re: No license

On Wed, Apr 11, 2001 at 12:43:45PM -0400, dnserror@skinnykid.net wrote:
> Where would a package with no license at all fit in in the distro?
> it is given with source, but no copyrights, or license, when I asked the author if it was licensed he said this:
> "There's indeed no copyright or license on it, so you are free to use it."

If it has no copyright then the author has to state this explicitly
(i.e. say it is in the public domain).  If the author doesn't say
anything, then the default is that it's copyrighted with all rights

You might be able to use the email you got from the author as this
statement, but it's pretty thin evidence.  A public statement would
be much better.

Richard Braakman

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