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Red Hat's German Netscape resource file

The Red Hat package netscape-communicator-4.76-1.i386.rpm contains a
German resource file.  I'm wondering whether it is possible to put
this file into a non-free package.

Red Hat doesn't seem to restrict the distribution of the resource
file.  The resource file contains the following lines:

 ! Insert copyright and license here 1994
 ! Netscape.ad --- app-defaults file for Netscape 4.76
 ! Bugs and commentary to x_cbug@netscape.com.
 ! Created: Jamie Zawinski <use the bug address, please>, 23-Jun-94.
 ! Modified: dp Suresh <dp@netscape.com>, 01-Aug-95
 ! Modified: snpf <snpf@netscape.com>, 23-Sep-96
 ! Modified: bero <bero@redhat.com>, 29-Feb-2000
 ! Modified: harald <harald@redhat.com>, 24-Jul-2000
 ! Modified: notting <notting@redhat.com>, 09-Nov-2000

rpm -qip netscape-common-4.76-1.i386.rpm gives the following

 Vendor: Red Hat, Inc.
 License: Commercial

The Netscape license that comes with the package contains the
following section:

 3. RESTRICTIONS.  Except as otherwise expressly permitted in this
 Agreement, or in another Netscape agreement to which Licensee is a
 party such as the CCK license agreement, the MCD license agreement or
 a distribution agreement, Licensee may not: (i) modify or create any
 derivative works of the Product or documentation, including
 translation or localization;

I don't know if this section is relevant since Debian is allowed to
distribute Netscape.

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