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Re: [joe@laffeycomputer.com: Re: Debian Linux] - re: rpl

On Tue, Mar 20, 2001 at 07:17:46PM -0500, Aubin Paul wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'd like to package this utility which I've found quite useful,
> anyway, there were some questions that I raised regarding the license,
> which states:
> "not modified in any way, and it is not sold for profit."
> The author has clarified somewhat below, but I don't know if this is
> enough to get into main...

We will only know when we see the revised license terms.

But judging from his intentions:

> I see what you mean. I will revise that with the next release. Selling a
> CD-ROM or a distribution with rpl on it is fine. I just don't want someone
> coming along and saying "Buy rpl for $19.95" or anything like that. If
> your legal folks need that revised I can do so sooner rather than later.

If that is what he is going to do (expempting distributions, and not
allowing just to sell rpl), it will be non-free. Except if he is very
careful with wording it (see the Artistic License, "Reasonable copying


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