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Re: upx under GPL

#include <hallo.h>
Sam Hartman wrote on Sat Mar 10, 2001 um 10:50:37AM:
> You may force yourself into the GPL without additional permissions
> solution if you have to modify the software to Debianize it.

That is not my problem. The package was rejected because of:

|This package isn't under just the GPL as the copyright file says, but
|the GPL plus some very important exceptions.

I would like to distribute the package with this license.  I still could
do it, since the authors give their extra permissions as long as the
program is compiled from completely unmodified source (and this should
not be a problem, the source is good and don't need modification for
packages). And the authors are allowed to do this permissions, they
wrote the complete source and have the whole copyright on it. 

I wish a statement from James why the extra permissions make the package
unsuitable for Debian main.

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#exclude <windows.h>

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