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Re: FilterProxy and DFSG-compliancy?

On Friday 09 March 2001 17:08, Bob McElrath wrote:
> Yep, that would be a pain.  Which is why Debian requires things in main
> to be uniformly licensed, and why FilterProxy belongs in non-free.

So with those words, I'm just going to fulfill my ITP, and put it in 
non-free. Thanks everybody for helping out on the discussion, and please go 
see Bob McElrath's homepage on FilterProxy 
<http://draal.physics.wisc.edu/FilterProxy/> for more information on 
FilterProxy - contrary to many peoples belief, it is not only about filtering 
ads, it's also about possibly repairing broken sites, minimizing 
bandwidth-usage (both by rewriting the html, but also with 
transfer/content-encoding), and anonymization by excluding http-headers.

> I don't disagree with the DFSG, nor the reasons behind it.

I just thought I'd leave that comment from the author of FilterProxy. It's 
going in non-free, we've gotten that straight. The license isn't going to 
change, and I feel it would be a shame if it was changed. But make up your 
own mind.


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