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Please remove all of JX, ASAP.

Package: ftp.debian.org
Severity: serious

I recently visited <http://www.newplanetsoftware.com/> to check up
on their progress/status, since they are the upstream authors for
all of my JX-based packages....

I found this: <http://www.newplanetsoftware.com/nps/license.php>.

The packages that are currently languishing in non-free are licensed
such that we can safely distribute them. Furthermore, I still have
written permission from the authors to package and distribute the
versions that are currently in our archive.

However.... This new license is fairly nasty.

Somehow, I doubt they would cause the Project any trouble with the
versions we currently have. As a matter of fact, I doubt they _could_
give us any trouble with the current versions, given that I recieved
written consent to package and distribute their software.

However, the stance NPS took with their new license makes me concerned
that they might _try_ to cause us some trouble....

So, unless someone wants to take these over, please remove them
permanently from the non-free archive:

	(o) jx-lib
	(o) code-crusader
	(o) code-medic
	(o) arrow
	(o) notebook
	(o) systemg
	(o) glove

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