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Re: QNX Open Community License

One point to keep in mind: They specifically disclaim GPL compatibility...

  "Unrestricted Open Source" means published source code that is
   licensed for free use and distribution under an unrestricted licensing
   and distribution model, such as the Berkley Software Design ("BSD")
   and "BSD-like" licenses. It specifically excludes any source code
   licensed under any version of the GNU General Public License (GPL) or
   the GNU Lesser/Library GPL. All "Unrestricted Open Source" license
   terms appear or are clearly identified in the header of any affected
   source code for the Original Program.

So be careful with derivative software and the GPL.  The severability
clauses are chilling, but so long as they're not being used in violation
of DFSG 5 and 6 (which it looks like they're not), I can see nothing
within the DFSG that precludes them.  Again with the last paragraph, it's
chilling, but not expressly forbidden by DFSG: The scope of the disclaimer
might be enough of a pollutant that DFSG 9 is triggered, but I doubt it.
Again, your big issue is to make sure that GPL software and OCL software
don't mix, other than that, you're pretty safe IMHO.  BTW, just out of
curiosity, what precisely are you looking at this license for?

On Fri, 23 Feb 2001, Jeffry Smith wrote:

>QNX is apparently starting to open up.  They are apparently going to release
>some code under their "Open Community License."  They have posted 1.0 of their
>I didn't see anything directly contrary to the DFSG, but I'm not certain about
>the patent stuff.  Also the last paragraph of the license about what laws, and
>waving the international convention on contracts.
> Looks like a mod to the BSD.

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