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Re: Legal risk of software authoring?

On Wed, Feb 14, 2001 at 06:11:07PM -0500, William T Wilson wrote:

> I am thinking that while it might not be possible to shut down a Gnutella
> or Freenet by suing the operating company, it might be possible to stifle
> development by suing individual software authors.

<ianal>Yes, you're right. Be prepared for legal action of some kind if
you do _any_ multimedia or peer-to-peer work, either because of DRM,
charges of contributory infringement, or because of someone's bogus
software patent.</ianal> We live in interesting times.

If you're a peer-to-peer developer, Robin Gross at EFF will give you
a consultation to help you get your legal act together _before_ the
lawsuit happens.

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