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Re: Handwaving licence

On Mon, Feb 12, 2001 at 01:16:07PM -0500, William T Wilson wrote:
> > > Please feel free to distribute it any way you want.
> > > However, it would be nice if you could leave a reference to my
> > > web site and email.
> Probably it isn't free because it doesn't expressly permit modification.

IANAL but that text clearly states "distribute it any way you want".

Indirect proof that modifications are permitted follows:

	Temporarily assume that modifications are not allowed to be
	distributed. We are given that it is permissible to distribute
	the software in any way the distributor wants. Absent
	modification, the package will be the same (Transitive property).
	Since modifications are not permitted, there is only one way
	to legally distribute the package, which is without as provided by
	upstream. But this contradicts the fact that a distributor is
	allowed to distribute the package in any desired way, since all
	but one form of distribution (the upstream distribution) would be
	the result of a modification. Therefore, our assumption is false
	and modifications are allowed to be distributed. QED.

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