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unknown copyright in tetex


According to /usr/share/doc/tetex-base/copyright:

> The teTeX distribution is free software, you can redistribute it
> and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License ...
> ...

And also:

> The individual parts of this distribution often have their own
> copyright.  Please look into the respective files for their copyright.

Does this mean that all files in teTeX distribution that don't have own
copyright notice are GPLed?  Of cource not, but I can not see whan files
are GPL, and what are not.

One example: the Type1 fonts in tetex-base.  They don't have copyright
notice, so I would suppose that they are free GPL fonts.  And then why
some of them was excluded as non-free from the package xfonts-scalable
(namely Adobe Utopia)?

Anton Zinoviev <zinoviev@debian.org>

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