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Can Caml Light and MoscowML be in debian now?


In the recent announcement of the Caml Consortium
is a link to the a description of the license of the "Caml language":


Up until now, Ocaml was the only free software, hence its distribution
in debian. Even though MoscowML is licensed under the GPL, it could
not be legalized distributed because of the non-freeness of the Caml
Light upon which it is based.

But according to this licensing page(*), it is now clear that Caml
Light will be licensed similarly to Ocaml. Therefore, it and MoscowML
can now be included in Debian.

Comments, anyone? Can debianization proceed?


(*) The web page is two sections: Ocaml and Caml Light. There is a
typo in the Caml Light section where it is labeled "Objective Caml"
which I have emailed them to correct.

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