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Bug#85072: freeamp: contains non-free arial.ttf

Package: freeamp
Version: 2.1-0rc5.1
Severity: important

freeamp distributes /usr/share/freeamp/themes/FreeAmp.fat, which is
really a tar.gz. Inside it is contained, among other things,
arial.ttf. This font comes from our friends in Redmond, and the EULA
(included in the .fat) says:

> [...] Copies of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT may not be distributed for
> profit either on a standalone basis or included as part of your own
> product.

AFAICS this violates the DFSG. So either:

1. relegate freeamp to non-free [sic]
2. depend on msttcorefonts and use the copy of arial.ttf provided by
   that - this implies moving to contrib
3. remove the dependence on this font altogether by replacing it or
   the whole theme.

Obviously, the third alternative is best. Probably upstream can be
convinced to follow suit ... I notice that SuSE 7.0 has a freeamp.rpm
including arial.ttf, and - contrary to Debian - they are for-profit.

(See also bug 85066.)

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