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Re: Re-release restrictions (was: OpenDivX license)

> > In context of the above, someone should be able to modify
> > and use the software in a way not conformant to the MPEG-4 specifications,
> > but the license is fine in saying that modification can't be redistributed
> > (just as I can't distribute software that violates the GPL).
> I'm terribly sorry to totally change the topic, however I find this very
> interesting. It seems to me that I should be able to make a DFSG compliant
> license as follows:
> You can redistribute under these same conditions.
> You can modify it locally.
> You AREN'T allowed to redistribute modifications that fall under some
> category (say - modifying function X).
> Redistributing any other derived works are fine.
> If the GPL is allowed to prohibit releasing a program with tiny snippets of
> GPL'ed code b/c the license of the containing work is slightly non-GPL,
> can I have the same sorts of restrictions and be DFSG free?
> ie: can I prohibit re-releasing certain modifications of my code.

 No. The GNU GPL doesn't regulates what you can do with the code. You can
take GNU GPL code and use it for any kind of protocol, gui application or
tool. And it complies with the DFSG.

 Now, saying "performing this functionality change will make this software
no redistributable" is clearly not DFSG. We don't want to give away that
freedom, do you?

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