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Re: Question about notification clauses

>  *
>  * TinyMUSH 3.0 Copyright
>  *
>  * Users of this software incur the obligation to make their best efforts
>  * to inform the authors of noteworthy uses of this software.
>  *
>  * All materials developed as a consequence of the use of this software
>  * shall duly acknowledge such use, in accordance with the usual standards
>  * of acknowledging credit in academic research.
>  *
>  * TinyMUSH 3.0 may be used for commercial, for-profit applications, subject
>  * to the following conditions: You must acknowledge the origin of the 
>  * software, retaining this copyright notice in some prominent place.
>  * You may charge only for access to the service you provide, not for
>  * the TinyMUSH 3.0 software itself. You must inform the authors of
>  * any commercial use of this software.
>  *
>  * The authors have made no warranty or representation that the operation
>  * of this software will be error-free. The authors are under no obligation
>  * to provide any services, by way of maintenance, update, or otherwise.

I just noticed, I don't see an explicit statement in 3.0 that you can do modifications.  The 2.0 is fairly clear:
   * Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
 * modification, are permitted provided that

I personally like to see the authorization to derive works (DFSG 3) explicitly stated, thus eliminating a point of debate in court.


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