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Re: PalmOS SDK license

Scripsit Chris Butler <chrisb@debian.org>

> Package: prc-tools
> Severity: grave
> Version: 0.5.0r-3.1

EVERYBODY BEWARE! The original message was posted to
submit@bugs.debian.org with cc to debian-legal. People
who just use "wide reply" to follow up to debian-legal
postings run a grave risk of inadvertently submitting
a separate bug!

The *right* way to do this would be to used the X-Debbugs-CC
header to have the bug tracking system send debian-legal
a copy of the message with the right bug number etc. See
the user manual for the bug tracking system.

> I've just been looking at the license for the PalmOS SDK, and I have a 
> feeling that we may not be able to distribute the SDK with the prc-tools
> package.

We surely cannot outside nonfree, and even in nonfree is doubtful
as the license seems to disallow independent distribution on FTP

> (ii) no license is granted to you in the human 
> readable code of the Software (source code);

Fails DFSG #2.

> Software and this License Agreement to another party if the
> other party agrees in writing to accept the terms and
> conditions of this License Agreement.

Fails DFSG #1, #7.

> Modification, reverse engineering, reverse compiling, or disassembly of the 
> Software is expressly prohibited.

Fails DFSG #3.

> TRADE SECRETS; TITLE:  You acknowledge and agree that the structure, 
> sequence and organization of the Software are the valuable trade secrets of 
> 3Com and its suppliers.  You agree to hold such trade secrets in
> confidence.

Ought to fail DFSG on some count, perhaps #1 (under any sensible
interpretaion redistribution would entail breach of said confidence)?

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