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Re: an unspecific license

Scripsit Bruce Sass <bsass@freenet.edmonton.ab.ca>

> > [2] Here, you're talking about a specific clause of a specific license --
> > this directly contradicts what you said you were asking about earlier
> > (and the concept expressed in the subject line).

> Well, of course there would be a license - the enduser would get to pick
> which specific license they wanted,

Does that mean that I am allowed to pick the following license

   "Anybody can do anything with this. You don't have to ask Nobody cares."

? That license is manifestly DFSG-free - yet it allows me to make
my own changes to the code and re-release it under a proprietary

> a developer (redistributor, anyone doing something other than using
> the software themselves) would be restricted to using the license
> that came with the code.

What prevents me from chosing the license above as an enduser and
subsequently redefine myself as a developer?

Also, what would be the point of your licensing scheme if nobody
who changes the code can change the license? Then the whole thing
simply reduces to yet another viral incompatible-with-everything

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