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LICENSE of Adobe CMap files.

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Hello, there.

I'm planning of packaging CMap files, provided by Adobe.
They are located at
and packed into
ac13.tar.Z ag13.tar.Z ai0.tar.Z aj14.tar.Z aj20.tar.Z ak12.tar.Z.

Each tarball contains several CMap files, and the top of each of the files

%%Copyright: -----------------------------------------------------------
%%Copyright: Copyright 1990-1998 Adobe Systems Incorporated.
%%Copyright: All Rights Reserved.
%%Copyright: Patents Pending
%%Copyright: NOTICE: All information contained herein is the property
%%Copyright: of Adobe Systems Incorporated.
%%Copyright: Permission is granted for redistribution of this file
%%Copyright: provided this copyright notice is maintained intact and
%%Copyright: that the contents of this file are not altered in any
%%Copyright: way from its original form.
%%Copyright: PostScript and Display PostScript are trademarks of
%%Copyright: Adobe Systems Incorporated which may be registered in
%%Copyright: certain jurisdictions.
%%Copyright: -----------------------------------------------------------

Now, is this license considered as redistributable in .deb style?
And if so, is it DFSG-free?

I wonder this license permits someone to USE the file...


Yasuhiro TAKE <take@debian.org> / Debian Project

	"I'd just be the catcher in the rye and all."

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