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On Thu, Nov 16, 2000 at 06:39:05PM +0000, Gaute B Strokkenes wrote:
> On Thu, 16 Nov 2000, cjw44@flatline.org.uk wrote:
> >>   b) You must cause any work that you distribute or publish, that
> >>   in whole or in part contains or is derived from the OC or any
> >>   part thereof, to be licensed as a whole at no charge to all third
>                                                 ^^^^^^^^^
> Doesn't this prohibit commercial distribution?

Nope. You can't charge for the license, but you can charge for a copy.

David Starner - dstarner98@aasaa.ofe.org
As centuries of pulp novels and late-night Christian broadcasting have taught 
us, anything we don't understand can be used for the purposes of Evil.
	-- Kenneth Hite, Suppressed Transmissions

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